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The evil world will never end until you rise

Genesis 6:4 it teaches us about the life of giants. How they where born and how they died. According to the Bible sons of God come on earth and saw beautiful ladies and they got attracted to them.

So when I read it correctly it says that the holy angels or sons of God come in this sinful land and they forgot why they came on Earth. So it is very understandable when one losses himself or herself. But let's look at the life of Jesus he didn't lose himself not because he was different from the other sons of God but he kept on praying ,he kept on asking the father if it was the right way to do things. He didn't rely on his understanding but on the holy one which is God understanding. Meaning on this earth many things are happening but we can only conquer it but prayer ,by giving God all the glory, letting him interfere on our daily affairs. For the word also says that we must be anxious about nothing but in everything in prayer. My opinion is that this world is full of lust, jealousy all those evil acts and they will never end because one of us is filled with sadness the only thing one can do for themselves is to connect with our Creator and ask for his mercy and grace that is available through Jesus Christ. One more thing if you can survive help another one pray for the nation to receive grace and mercy. Let's love each other more than judging each other the world needs those who can pray. Amen thank you for reading encourage others to pray more. But most importantly exercise to talk with your father ,it might not be simple but by his Grace and mercy we shall make it.

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