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PRAYER: Lord, Take Away My Desire To Do Evil And Replace It With Good Desires

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, since they will be satisfied" (Matt. 5:6).

People who professed to know, obey, and teach complete devotion to Moses' Law were also the ones who committed so many atrocities during Christ's earthly ministry and the Early Church. Because their righteousness was exceedingly unpleasing to God, the religious leaders who appeared to be the most righteous turned out to be the most unjust.

The same thing happens now in the Church. Many people who claim to be morally upright are later revealed to be nothing more than white washed sepulchers in churches, and even in other religious groups.

Many preachers feel that desire plays an important role in fulfilling one's destiny. True to this assertion, when a person's or a group's sincere desire is to live righteously, they will pray and resolve to do everything in their power to do so. They will feel bad and disappointed with themselves if they fail to do so. They're hard to come by, yet they're in high demand at churches, houses, and social gatherings; in fact, they're prized like valuable stones.

Righteousness brings with it a slew of advantages. The godly are blessed and surrounded by heavenly favor. He supplies him with everything he needs and ensures his health and well-being so that he can enjoy the results of his labors. In paradise, the faithful receive immense rewards, including perpetual life.

With all of the benefits that the righteous enjoy, it is clear that being wicked or ungodly in any way does not pay off. We encourage you to seek the grace to live a life of righteousness now, and you will reap the blessings embedded therein.

CONTROLLING THOUGHT: Doing what is pleasing to God results in a plethora of blessings.

PRAYER: Lord, take away my desire to do evil and replace it with the spirit and desire to always do what is right and pleasing in Your eyes. Amen.

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