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Ancestral walk is so beautiful for many reasons

The ancestral walk is so beautiful for many reasons. One of which is receiving prophetic dreams and messages so that nothing that happens to you in your life shocks you.

I write down the messages and when they come to pass I put a check next to it and wait for the rest to unravel. Therefore an event or non- event is never a surprise .

Detachment happens because in reality all I am experiencing is “de ja vu”. I am deeply grateful for this gift both for myself personally and for the work I am called to do.

I thank you my ancestors for always holding me clos. Now here is the thing… get to know your Guides and how they send you messages.

Record those messages so you can look back and know that everything you need for the situation you find yourself in you were given on the day they told you this would come to pass.

If you can’t decode your messages or dreams, seek the help of someone you trust and who is able to assist you. Just keep in mind that you must TRUST the person.

If you are not sure ask your ancestors to direct you to the right person or to “rephrase” the message. Are you someone who sees certain things before they happen? What’s that like for you?

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