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"All those trying to eliminate us & take our land by force have crossed the line" -Pastor Ukpai

Pastor Uma Ukpai, Founder of the Uma Ukpai Evangelistic Association, said those who tried to take our countries with strength and murdered our people at the same time broke boundaries and their judgement came.

He added that Jesus used Lazarus from the dead to illustrate his disciples that there was no hopeless circumstance with the all-powerful God. He claimed that Jesus proved that whomever in the face of God gained favor was not limited or controlled by the situation around him.

"When Jesus called Lazarus out of the grave after four days of being dead and buried, he showed his people that with God there was no desperate condition. He showed them that a human being who has won favor with God cannot infect any circumstance, be constrained, contained or governed by the situation in which he lives.

'See, everyone who tries to exterminate us, to take our lands by force, to kill our people has crossed the line, their judgment comes,' says Pastor Uma Ukpai.

Pastor Uma Ukpai made the speech without naming the names of those who forcibly took our lands and killed us. But I believe he referred to spiritual forces. You must thus observe and pray.

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