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Use white candles and Impepho to communicate with your ancestors (opinion)

It's important to to communicate with your ancestors, as black child we believe that whenever someone experience misfortunes ancestors must be communicated

This process can give you direction on how and where you can find help, if ukuphahla is done well you ancestors will show you directions on your dreams

There different methods that are use for communicating the ancestors, According to mr mavuka these methods are different it depends on which problems do you have

When using candles it is important to check the candles flames, it means a lot to your healthy and environment

When you experiencing misfortunes your life is stuck, you can use white candles and impepho, white candle can remove darkness

It used for asking the directions by white candles you can ask to have light in whatever you're doing

When you're fighting at home , no peace at all light two white candles with your family and tell everyone to say whatever is in his heart

According to research reveals that many traditional healers use white candles, to bridge a gap between you and your ancestors

When you communicate with your ancestors using candles, it is important to let the candles burn until they get finished

use your instincts because ancestors also use instincts to communicate with you, you must know that your ancestors will always fight for you

that is why it is important to communicate with them, tell them your problems your dreams that will make them to have power to rise up for you

Use impepho and two white candles first light two white candles, burn impepho when the smoke rises talk with your ancestors ask everything you want

Ancestors are people that had passed away during the funeral we only bury the body but the spirit keep

By Mr mavuka

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )


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