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Respect your ancestors and spend quality time listening to them

My bliss is spending quality time with my Elders, the underground gang. I have a transformational relationship with them and actually enjoy quiet time alone with them without asking for anything at all.

Call it a mutual celebration of one another. I share my secret dreams with them , they share healing secrets. Its healing for them that I openly venerate them , restoring their dignity which was taken away by colonization.

I know it heals the shame invalidation and dehumanization they suffered for just being who they were: Afrikans with their own way of relating to the physical and supernatural world.

I know they vibrate high knowing that the wealth and abundance that was forcibly taken from them is restored through me so that their legacy continues. So we toasted to this and just basked in our bliss.

Take time to get to know your people… there is so much more to them than trauma and curses. So my meditation this week is restoring generational wealth. This too is an integral part to our healing.

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