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I think preachers are forgetting that, they are called to serve not to be served: Opinion

This is apostle Johnson Suleman, one of the well spoken man of God or should I say, one of the outspoken men of God in Nigeria. The man has got quite a remarkable reputation in Nigeria. He has really made a name for himself.

This is one man of God that is respected throughout the world, it's just that I don't know what is happening with our man of God, when they start to become big, when they start to be famous, there are a lot of things that changes about them. You realise that some of them when they started, they started well, but they are now at a point where they can't differentiate between the position that they must occupy, and the position that must be left to God alone.

A lot of men of God now, are forgetting that they are called to serve the people of God, not to be served. The level of the respect that they demand from the people, and we have been taught in English that, respect is earned, it is not demanded, which means I should respect you according to my own willl, and at my own time.

It must not be you demanding that respect, no matter what you have done for me, now a lot of these men of God because they have prophesied you, they have prayed for you, and miracles happened, so it should be automatic that you should bow down or show unwavering level of respect towards them. If you don't, they will be offended big time or they will speak about you on the pulpit, rebuking you so hard.

I hope that I'm making sense that, if a man of God is surrounded by AK-47 and soldiers, how would his followers be even free to approach him. I have seen some of these men of God they get inside the church with these soldiers, holding these AK-47, and how people worship God freely seeing a gun that is ready to shoot.

I don't know why the man of God wants to be treated like presidents. I don't know why the man of God are trying to force the people to treat them so highly. Jesus was a powerful man, yet he remained ordinary. He was a very simple man to interact with, but nowadays we have got man of God who walk on red carpets. They sit on the sofas when they are in church, it is now very confusing. We know more have an idea who is greater, God or the man.

I like the statement that John said when he was talking about Jesus, he said, "may he increase that I may decrease, every man should know that God should be exalted, and we should be humbled. God should increase and we should decrease. Nobody should ever see himself at the level of God, may God help us. We may end up fighting with Him over His glory, and when that happens, we suffer serious consequences.

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