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"If money is the root of all evil, why do they ask for it in church? Opinion

The Bible didn't say money is evil, it says money is the "root" of all evil. We know that money can be used as a weapon, money can be used as a tool. The difference between a tool and a weapon is this, a weapon is used for attack, sometimes for defence, but a tool is used to fix.

There's a difference between a spanner and a spear. If a person uses a spanner to kill another person, it can work, but it does not mean that is its purpose. If a person uses a spear to make a hole through the wood, it can work, but that does not mean that is its purpose.

Spear can be used to kill another person because in the olden days it was used by soldiers in war, so it is a weapon. A hummer is used to fix things, and hammer is used to straighten irons or sharpen them, it can also drive nails through the hood or take them out.

So now you understand why money is called the root of all evil, the reason why the Bible would say this is because, a lot of people uses money as a weapon. You see the moment a person gets money, he or she finds more reasons to be abominable, more reasons to be disrespectful, more reasons to be proud, and more reasons to misbehave.

Most of the people that see money as a weapon, when they have it, they want to prove a point to the people that once make them suffer. Some of them they want to make it a point that they pay revenge for the people that once treated them badly when they were still suffering.

Some of them when they get it, they want to make sure that they spend it on the alcohol and the women that they were deprived by poverty. A person that takes money as a tool, uses it to send his or her siblings to school, take care of parents, build a better house at their home, establish a business that would sustain that person for the rest of his or her life. Can you use it to help somebody who is sleeping with the hunger at the next door, or uplift the community.

S in this instance money has been used as a tool to fix not as a weapon to kill or destroy. I hope you understand why the Bible would say that, but then it depends whose hands it lands on. Money is good not evil, it's only that, they are few people that use it for good.

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