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Double Your Tithe, We Want It In $ US, Zim Prophet Makomichi Tells Civil Servants

You know this is the most the controversial False prophet in Zimbabwe if not in the whole of Africa. Some of these guys the things that they are doing, they're just making jokes with the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no assurity of their being born again or saved, whether they have declared the Lord Jesus as the savior of their lives, whether they received him or not in their hearts. Weather Jesus is the head of everything that they do or Satan.

They just have ways that they've implemented to mock the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and to make the church to be not acceptable in the community. The times are coming, where we are going to hear more reports of pastors shot in their churches when they are preaching or in service, just because people will now think that church is a fraud.

A lot of pastors that are leading churches are going to have their lives put at risk because of these hooligans from the kingdom of darkness, that are misrepresenting the kingdom of God. Imagine this so called pastor making it so clear that he wants tithes to be paid in US dollars, telling the civil servants. So this is one of the gimmicks from the kingdom of darkness, but we know that their day is coming.

Civil servants are complaining after some church leaders reportedly ordered them to double their tithes in United States dollars.

Reports claim that controversial preacher Isaac Makomichi has instructed civil servants to double their tithes because they have received their bonuses.

“It’s very difficult for us because our pastors are now demanding tithes in forex, my friend also told me that his pastor wrote a letter to church members who work in government demanding tithes in forex,” said one Togarepi who claims to be a teacher.

Several sources claim Makomichi wrote the said letters to his congregants.

Makomichi is known of distributing love charms to slayqueens and “making people rich” through his controversial herb, though some Christians describe him as a fake prophet who uses secret powers to “move mountains.”

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