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The Voice And The Message You Heard Is Not From God If It Lacks These 5 Things

Are you a child of God who longs to hear from God, or do you believe you have heard from God but are unsure if the voice you heard came from God?

It can be difficult to tell whether a voice you heard is from God until you have totally prepared yourself to hear from God. People are spoken to by the devil, and our minds are occasionally spoken to, making it difficult to distinguish between God's voice and other voices.

This article will help you distinguish between the voice of God, the voice of the devil, and your mind speaking if you are a child of God who has been receiving messages from God through dreams, visions, or even the audible voice of God. We hope you will learn something from this article.

The following are some easy ways to identify if the voice you heard came from God or from someone who isn't likely to be godly:

1. Does the voice elicit fear in you?

If you've had a vision that worries you to your core or a vision that scares you, it's most likely not God speaking to you. It is not in God's intention to induce dread in his children unless he wants to warn you about something. If you're afraid every time you experience these dreams and visions, ask God to give you more insight into them and to communicate to you in more clear ways.

2. Is it bringing you closer to God?

We have all heard voices speaking to our hearts or spirits, but one question you should ask yourself is if the voice is bringing you closer to God or pushing you away from Him. If God is truly communicating to you, his primary goal is to draw you closer to him rather than to push you away from him.

3. Scriptural reference

Is there any biblical support for the voice you're hearing or the dream and vision you had? When you see a connection to God's message in the Bible, you may be confident it's from God. For example, the Bible expressly forbids us from stealing, yet if you hear a voice ordering you to go steal them, it is most certainly not from God. As a result, be familiar with God's word as a child of God.

4. Is it relevant to your requirements?

No father can give his child a stone when he asks for bread, according to the Bible, because that would be absurd. He will not come to you and say, "I want to give you a car." If you have been praying for a job, he will not come to you and say, "I want to give you a car." He will give you what you ask for, and it will be relevant to your request. If he sees it will destroy you, he will either give you what you asked for, tell you to wait, or even notice give it to you.

5. Is it a season message or an out-of-season message?

God, according to the Bible, makes everything lovely in its own time. What is the timeliness of the message or voice you have heard? In times of distress, God is a constant source of assistance. Unless he has requested you to wait, he is never late to solve that matter.

One thing you should always remember as a child of God is that God talks to his children; it's just that we don't always recognize his voice. Train your ears to recognize God's voice as a child of God.

Do you know of any other ways to tell if the voice you heard was God's? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below. Don't forget to like and share the video.

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