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Is it biblical to call the spiritual father of your pastor, Grandpa? Opinion

I have seen a lot of people especially those that are loyal to call their pastors Daddy or Papa. Most of the followers that are very loyal to men of God that love them to such an extent that, they can do anything for them, to such an extent that they love them more than their families, to such an extent of respecting them more than their biological fathers.

I'm not against spiritual fathers, it has been there in the bible, Elijah calling Elisha "my son". Paul calling Timothy "my son" in the Lord, Paul again calling the Galatians, "the children that I have birthed in the Lord" and the relationship between Gamaliel and Mark.

So that kind of relationships have been existing in the bible, but all-in-all, we know what is encouraged mostly by the bible. It is when we call each other brothers and sisters in the Lord. When are we calling each other brethrens or fellow brethrens, it simply means fellow believers, simply means we are children of the same family. God being the Father of all and Jesus being the elder brother, but I don't think that there are people that are going to be burnt or thrown into hell fire because of the title "Papa" or the title "Father"

I believe that what happens in the physical, it also happens spiritually. If we have got a physical father, then we also have spiritual fathers.

It is a term that is used to honour or to give the highest respect to the anointed one. It is a term that is used to relate to the higher grace, it is a term that is used to appreciate God through the one that is a send.

My only question is when I see some of their children of Papas, calling the spiritual father of their Papa, grandfather. How biblically is that? I've never seen it in the bible or in the scriptures. So you can just comment and tell me if it is justifiable, or it is something that needs to be corrected.

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