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When We Are Angry, Here Are 4 Things The Prophet Muhammad Told Us To Do.

Anger is one of the factors that has contributed to the deaths of many people in their youth. It's forced a lot of people out of their comfort zones and into prison as a result of the situation.

It was said by Prophet Muhammad that the devil created anger in order to destroy mankind and put an end to their exceptional destiny.

The Prophet Muhammad stated that the best man is not the one who fights the best; rather, the best man is the one who is able to control his anger when someone has done everything in their power to criticize or drive him to madness.

Please read through the other four things that Prophet Muhammad (SAS) advised us to do whenever we become enraged in order to prevent ourselves from doing terrible things that we may later regret.

Change your point of view:

Whenever we become enraged, God's prophet advises us to change our position. If you are currently standing, take a seat or lie down until you feel better. "Shifting our positions will help us a great deal in terms of de-escalating our anger," he explained.

Continue to be silent:

Silence is one of the most effective tools for dealing with anger swiftly and effectively. When someone feels enraged, the Prophet Muhammad said that he should remain silent and cool.

Make Wudu (ablutions):

Fire, according to the Prophet Muhammad, is the source of Satan's enraged outbursts, and the only thing that can put out fire is water. He instructed us to perform Wudu because it would drive away the Devil within us and would also help us to remain calm in potentially perilous situations.

Seek refuge from devil:

Satan should never hear the name of Allah, and he should remain in the same place, according to Prophet Muhammad (SAS). He instructed us to seek refuge with Allah from Satan by saying "Ahushubi Lahi Mina Shaitoni Rojeem," which means "Ask Allah for refuge from Satan." As for Satan, who has the potential to cause us to do terrible things, he will vanish if the name of Allah is mentioned.

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