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The alleged matric results for Julius Malema exposed, see how Mzansi responded: Opinion

There's no need to slam Julius Malema over his matric results. What is important is not to be clever but to be wise. What is important is not to be clever, but to be intelligent. What is important in life is not just education, but to be Learned.

People must know that there is a difference between being learned and being educated. People that are educated they brag about their school results. They brag about their understanding of academic knowledge, but the people that are learned brag about their experience in life.

They brag about how they learnt from the mistakes of others. Life itself has become their teacher, not just academic knowledge. People need to know that Julius mtalema is a person that was taught by life. He is a person that was a thought the hard way, to tell the truth of Julius has turned his life around. Even with those embarrassing results, he is now a degree holder, that is something to congratulate him about.

Thank you

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Julius Malema Mzansi


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