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Bishop Makamu shared the worst pain he ever felt and he will never forget


Bishop Makamu shared his tears on Facebook, remembering the time he was in pain. And everyone started to comment on what hurt them the most.

I lost my daughter on September 1st, 2021. She was raped, killed, and half (maybe they were distroying fingerprints) am 34 years old and can't accept anything at all. Since then,

I have been doing matrix since I lost my beloved and supportive father. Everything beside death was a mess. I thank God for giving me the strength, power, and wisdom to overcome all of this, and I pray that a year like 2017 never returns in my life.

In 1988 my father passed away while I was still young. In 1998 my brother in 2002. It was the most painful. My sister, 2019, my mother, just collapsed. No word, no nothing, but only God knows mom. On September 1st, 2020, I lost my hubby, a widower at age 31. When I was retrenched in August of that year, Covid took my hubby and I. Now I'm a single unemployed mom of two boys. But we never go to bed hungry. Oh how I trust my God. " A Facebook follower said

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