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Your BANK ACCOUNT will increase beyond what you can spend. Someone receives it in Jesus name.

"Your BANK ACCOUNT will increase beyond what you can spend!! Someone receive it in Jesus name!!" This was posted by a twitter user on Twitter, I always find such messages misleading to many people as there is no miracle money.

Get this false prosperity gospel stuff out of here. That Gospel is leading millions of people straight to hell. I say this with LOVE, but that is unbiblical and you are deceiving many. Jesus said take up your cross and follow me.If you follow Jesus, you will come to learn he indeed wants you blessed. That’s inclusive of wealth. If Jesus is your master then know that one day you will see the fullness of truth. If you think you found truth check your teachers. No one can serve to masters.

bana,if you're not putting in the hard work how will your bank account increase beyond what you can spend?Even the Holy Book says that prayer without action is nonsense.

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