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Prayer: Father, Because It Is My Turn To Dance In Your Plan Let My Dancing And Celebration Manifest

"Forever, I will sing of the Lord's mercies; with my tongue, I will declare thy faithfulness to all generations." Psalm 89:1

Something fresh is created when the anointing is present. When a lion approached Samson in Judges 14: 5–6, the anointing of God fell heavy on him, and the lion was quickly defeated. When Samson was tied and brought to his foes in Judges 15: 14-16, the anointing poured upon him, and the yokes were destroyed. He leveled 1000 opponents with an assassin's jaw bone, while the rest fled for their lives.

Every yoke of the enemy on your life will be destroyed when the anointing of God comes upon you this season. In the name of Jesus, every rope or chain that binds you and your destiny will be broken. What about someone like Saul, a regular farmer? He began to prophesy as soon as the anointing oil touched his head (1 Samuel 10 :1 -11).

The anointing and singing, especially singing a new song, have a connection. In John 9: 1–25, a blind man had his eyes anointed by Jesus, and he regained his sight and began to sing, "I was blind but now I see." Are you spiritually blind or physically blind? You will receive your sight as the anointing of God reaches you this season.

Aside from the once blind man, I believe David had various reasons to sing throughout his life. He was a forgotten shepherd child before the anointing, but the anointing transformed him into the nation's ruler.

New things are going to happen as the anointing flows, making people sing. People will usually begin to sing and dance subconsciously when they experience something joyful, especially if it is of a large magnitude.

This is a happy season for you. This is the time when you'll be doing a lot of dancing. By faith, you will sing and dance, and others will join you in dancing and celebrating. Your sadness will give way to joy. Your tears have dried up, and gladness has taken over your circumstances.

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