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Tonight An Angry Funani Confronts Faith In Front Of Rea


Tonight Faith Is In Shock After Being Confronted By Funani On Front Of Rea

Finally Funani knows the truth that Faith and Isaac kept all these years. But in all of this ordeal Isaac had been a very good father to Ona. He loved and cherished her. He treated her like his own flesh and blood. He was supposed to burn Ona alive but because of his good heart, he took her and raised her as his own.

As much as what he did was wrong he deserves to be forgiven because he raised Ona with with love. He had a conscious not to kill an innocent baby.

Tonight an angry Funani will confront Faith in the presence of Rea. Tonight's episode is not to be missed as we will witness how Faith will react when she finds out that Funani knows the truth. Faith is in for a big surprise.


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