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3 Events That Must Occur Before The Antichrist Appears On Earth. Be Prepared

According to the Bible, in the last days, the Spirit of Antichrist (1 John 2:18) will be a powerful international leader who will wage a Satanic campaign against God and everything he has accomplished through Christ.

This individual will be the catalyst for Satan's final attempt to dethrone Christ. Antichrist's approach is not without warning, contrary to popular belief about the rapture.

His first appearance and subsequent rise to prominence will be signaled by a number of indicators. Before it can make its way to Earth, there must be at least three incidents.

1. The secret power of lawlessness will reach a climax in its development (2Th 2:7).

This time period is characterized by complete absurdity, rejection, and rebellion against any and all of the biblical norms and commands, among other things. Because of the prevalent attitude of disobedience and lawlessness, the majority of people will experience a loss of genuine love and compassion (Mt 24:10-12; Lk 18).

2. There will be rebellion, which is defined as "departure," "falling away," or "abandonment" in the literal sense. Many people who previously followed Christ will abandon biblical truth and refuse to accept the true faith in Christ in the last days. There will be two aspects to this uprising's manifestation.

Theological apostasy is defined as follows: False leaders and teachers will offer "salvation" and "cheap grace" to those who do not have a genuine devotion to Christ. They claim that people can be saved spiritually even if they refuse to repent when Christ asks them to do so (2pe 2:1-3, 12-19).

(!) Ethical apostasy has occurred.

Even though those who have abandoned true faith in Jesus Christ can still pretend to believe the right things and to embrace the teachings of the Bible, their hearts are hardened against God's moral law and standards. They distort the truth and are willing to accept disappointment (Mt 23:25-28).

3. The person who is preventing the process from moving forward must be removed.

Whoever retains it is most accurately understood as God, as demonstrated by the presence of the holy spirit. He is the only one who has the authority to keep Satan and his lawlessness at bay (2Th 2:9).

Once all of God's restrictions on sin have been lifted, the evil rebellion officially begins. The man of lawlessness is revealed as God relinquishes his hold on the situation (2Th 2:3-4). Prepare yourself for the Rapture.

In order to be prepared, please help your family and friends by passing on this important information.

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