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Divine Promotion; That Is All You Need In Life

"For promotion does not come from the east, west, or south..." Psalm 75:6

The topic of today's reflection is "Divine Promotion," because there are wicked methods to get promoted, according to experience. Promotion obtained through devious means, on the other hand, does not last and does not benefit the recipient. The history of mankind reveals that being promoted deviously always has negative consequences, to the point that the beneficiary regrets it in the end.

Macbeth, from one of Shakespeare's plays, is a typical example of someone who deviously promoted himself to be king. He ascended to the throne, but he never relished it. Furthermore, the narrative of Absalom, who became king by deviously stealing the hearts of his father's subjects, indicates that only those who are divinely elevated are genuinely promoted (2 Samuel 15-18). His perilous ascent to the summit unfortunately ended in his untimely death. His body was thrown into a pit, and a huge stack of stones was thrown on top of him. In the name of Jesus, your tale will not end in disaster.

King Solomon is an excellent example of someone who has been blessed by God. He made no attempt to manipulate his way to the throne. His fear of the throne and the duties that came with it proves that he did not regard himself as qualified. He had to be qualified by God. God knows you are unqualified when He calls you; it is His grace that qualifies you and begins the process of rebuilding your life to meet His standard. 2 Chronicles 1:7-10 reveals Solomon's mindset:

“God appeared to Solomon that night and said to him, "Ask what I shall grant thee." And Solomon prayed to God, saying, "Thou hast shown great mercy to David my father, and hast appointed me to reign in his place." Now, O LORD God, establish thy promise to David my father, for thou hast anointed me king over a people as numerous as the dust of the earth. Give me wisdom and knowledge now, that I may go out and enter before this people; for who can judge this great people of thys?”

We can perceive thankfulness in the one who has been divinely exalted in this case. Solomon regarded his ascension to the throne as a divine act. He rejoiced in God's faithfulness to his father since, for the first time in Israel's history, a royal dynasty was formed through his succession to the throne. Solomon also demonstrates humility in his request for wisdom, knowing that he lacked the insight and understanding required to manage his heavenly promotion.

Those who deviously plot their path to power never perform well, and their outcomes are invariably disastrous. What is that promotion you want, Beloved? Do not manipulate anything and wait for divine intervention. God will elevate you in a way that brings honor to His name.

Father, I wait expectantly for the promotion that only You can provide; please promote me.

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