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Celebration is Waiting For You If only You Can Do This

 “It is not how long you are in a church that determines how God will bless you. God only blesses you when the season of blessing comes. If you forces a blessing out of season, it will give you serious problem,” declared Prophet Samuel Akibodunse.

It was another powerful message at the Freedom for All Nations Headquarters in Pretoria as God’s oracle Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse led the gathering of believers in a life-changing message titled Make It Right

Teaching from two anchor scriptures of Luke 15 verse11-25 and Proverbs 21 verse 2, the man of God emphasized that anything you are praying for that is not in the season of manifestation is an unripe fruit to you. And unripe fruit you eat will give you problem. When you force something out of the will of God, that thing becomes a burden to you.

Bad knowledge opens your eyes to faults. In the house of God, there are people you don’t go if not they will open your eyes through gossip and so doing kill your faith. Therefore, for you to live a perfect Christian life and walk righteously with God, allow the spirit of God to lead you in everything. Don’t go to a man whose spirit is not yet born again to give you direction because he will mislead you.

There are different kinds of feed in every church and if you are not careful some feed can drive you out. What chases some people outside of the church is what they are fed with. If the feed is bad you will be out of the system and if it is good, you will stay in there. Some people have backslidden and migrated into idolatry because of bad feed that corrupted their prophetic gifts. They are persuaded that their gift can only work with their ancestors and as such they left the church.

It is your responsibility to discipline your ears and eyes. God will not do it for you.

God is calling you that this is the time to make it right. God does not make it right with you, it is you who must get to that point to make it right with him. God does not take the first step towards you it is you that must take the first step of returning to God.

If your motive is wrong God can’t receive you, God receives those whose motives are right. The heart of God is open to anyone who can make the decision of humility to make it right with him. It is your decision that makes you come alive. Are you alive or dead?

If you can make it right today, celebration is waiting for you. Heaven and earth are waiting for you. A feast is ready for you if only you can make it right with God.


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Freedom for All Nations Headquarters Luke Samuel Akibodunse


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