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The bible is not the word of God, it contains words of God: Opinion

Not everything that is in the Bible is the word of God, you cannot probably tell me that, all the words that Moses said, where the word of God. You cannot tell me tell me that, whatsoever is recorded in the books of history is the word of God.

The Bible is a book that contains history, it contains lifestyle and it contains cultures. They are very few words in the Old Testament that are underlined with red, everywhere you you see red letters, it is the indicstion of the words that God spoke or Jesus spoke.

They are other times where the Apostle Paul would say according to me, meaning to say, the Apostle Paul speaking, not the Lord. There were times where the Bible would record the opinion of a human being, it is not everything that is recorded in the bible was suggested or was said by God.

There are things that God has said, recorded in red letters, in the scriptures, those are the words of God, but when we speak of the word of God, it is the word that God is speaks now. The words in papers or scriptures are just words of God, but no the ultimate word. The rhema is the word, scriptures are words (Lagos). Words written and word spoken. Words then and word now.

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