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If you try to contact them they will kill you

This article is about the Sentinelese tribe the uncontacted tribe living in the North sentinel Island, one of the Andaman islands in the Indian ocean, they are one of over uncontacted tribes in the world, they are the most isolated tribes in the world, they have captured the imagination of millions.

They have little to no contact with the outside world and they continue to resist contact with outsiders, and they have been in isolation for thousands of years, nobody knows anything about them except that they reject contact with outsiders violently


They are generally peaceful people but every attempt at contact has been met with extreme violence, they have sent a clear message "LEAVE US ALONE".

The latest victim was an American, John Allen Chau. who bribed two fisherman to take him to the Island that's actually a no go zone because he wanted to "declare Jesus" to them and convert them to Christianity in November 2018.

The life and death of John Chau, the man who tried to convert his killers |  Evangelical Christianity | The Guardian

Helicopters only saw his body being buried on the beach and his body has never been recovered. and neither the American or Indian can do anything about it or recover his body.

In the late 1800s M.V. Portman, the British ‘Officer in Charge of the Andamanese’ landed, with a large team, on North Sentinel Island in the hope of contacting the Sentinelese. The party included trackers, from Andamanese tribes who had already made contact with the British, officers and convicts.

why are they refusing contact with the outside world?

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