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Morning prayer for a productive and blessed day

Hey readers and believers. Before we get straight into this prayer. Remember to give thanks to the Lord and to always ask for forgiveness. We never know how much or how many times we have wronged the Lord. Do ir is very important to always pray,thank God and to apologize. In life we depend on God for everything. Including the life we are living. Without Hin we would be dead by now.

It is because of you Father that we woke up today and saw yet another day. We would like to thank You for all the good things You have done for us. I pray that may this new day be the beginning of a new dawn. May everything i have prayed for be gifted to me and all my enemies be tarnished. Father bless me and guide me to a right path.Stay with me and watch over me and my family.

Father please fight for me in battles i can never win.Make me see the light because I am in the dark. May this day begin on a high note and be as productive as it can ever be.May the rest of the week bring nothing but joy in my life and the lifes of those around me and everyone around the world. Protect me at all times and bless my soul.Thank you so much for reading till this far. Please like,share and comment Amen down below. Follow us for more interesting news. Remember God lives you.

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