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Solomon posted asking Dineo on her decision to be a Sangoma, "Is spiritual calling slavery? Opinion

This is what is happening, the devil is a cunning creature. He is moving very fast because he knows his time is short. Things that were lies have now become a reality, things that are a reality have now becoming a lie.

The devil is replacing the truth with a lie, that is why prophets are misbehaving, that is why nobody believes in the power of the church anymore. That is why the blood of Jesus is being criticized, that is why people are no more resorting or solving their problems through prayer, that is why people are no more going to the pastor or a man of God to ask for help for their problems.

It is really very tough and it is really very disturbing that South Africans don't see what the devil is trying to achieve by doing this. Why don't you ask yourself a question that, why are almost of our celebrities getting initiated into this calling? The Devil knows that if he gets the celebrities, he gets everybody to believe.

This is why, if the devil wants homosexuality to be accepted, he first influence the celebrities. If he wants polyandry and gender equality to be accepted, he gives that influence through celebrities. Next time when you hear that a law is going to be passed, were a 15 year old girl will be married, he will also do that through celebrities.

Celebrities have got influence to people to follow good or to follow evil. It is just like that, celebrities have got a voice that can be heard. So when they are led astray, it is easy for everybody to go astray.

These guys are being followed by a large number of people, getting one of them is getting the masses. This is just the devil advertising his tricks through the people that have got influence. Celebrities don't know that they are being used by the devil to the core.

People become sick, the sangoma say they have to be initiated. People have a problems maritally or other problems, the solution is for them to become Sangomas. What kind of a solution is that, should we all become Sangomas, because we have got problems. something is not right, but I know that as always, South Africans will see sense into this and try to defend it by all means.

I am not blaming Dineo, but it is just that we need illumination. It is not totally her fault, she was influenced by evil spirits to go astray. I pray that many South Africans they open their eyes, and see the damage that the devil is causing to their spirits.

May the Lord, deliver our nation

South African media personality Dineo Ranata recently completed her ancestral training and has now become a traditional healer and is now known as Gogo Somahashe.

In explaining her calling, it became a concern for me when Ranaka narrated how at "first she fell ill in her early 20s, which led to a traumatic hospitalisation with doctors not knowing the reasons behind some of her illnesses." All because for 17 years she was running away from answering the call.

She said her illness evoked dreams and visions. 

My concern is how it is always said that when one continue to run away from their ancestral calling, they will get sick or something terrible may happen to them. Why is one enslaved to the beliefs, spiritual and cultural practices of their ancestors? 

Will God punish you just to force you answer your calling? Now don't tell me he did same thing to Paul or Jonah, study the context, it's entirely different. Paul was a murderer, Jonah was a prophet, Dineo is a media personality who is talented and loves what she does.

Furthermore, Dineo's Bible believing mother doesn't agree with her choice to become a traditional healer, but she never forced her to embrace Christ as Lord over all. 

There are so many areas that I agree with traditional healers, equally there are many areas I don't agree with them. 

Sometimes, ancestral calling seems to be a violation of one's right to choosing their career and spiritual path in life. It shouldn't be so. Free will must be effected and not some spiritual oppression to get one to commit to becoming a Gogo.

My submission is, if you need any spiritual healing, go to God, NOT Gogo Somahashe!

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