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PRAYER: Lord, Make A Way For Me Were There Seems To No Way

Do you have faith in God now for something that seems impossible? We worship a tremendous and awesome God who can make anything out of nothing. Where there seems to be no way, he can create it. Whatever is required in your life can be created by him.

According to Genesis, God created the earth and the heavens in the beginning. But the world was empty and formless before He called it into being. if God is able to create the world from nothing. He is capable of filling the voids in your life with something lovely as well. In your darkest hour, he can bring you light. He has the ability to give shape to your abstract dreams. Your dormant abilities and gifts can be revived by him. Your crooked locations can be made straight by him!

Keep in mind that you were made in the likeness of the All-Powerful God. Your words have power, and you have power when you agree with Him. Tell your situation only what God says. Speak life today to your shattered dreams. God will take you to areas you've never imagined if you maintain a mindset of expectation and faith. Every blemished area in your life will be transformed by God into something lovely.

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