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Pastor Bath Female Church members during cross over service, no underwear worn.

During a cross over service to the new year, a pastor Bath members and says the holy spirit instructed him to do so. He claims that the holy spirit has told him that this is a year for women to be successful in their relationships. After the bath those in marriages their marriages will flourish and those looking to be wedded will attract good men to marry them. A video of some of the young ladies has gone various during the act. These ladies were seen taking turns in being bathed by the pastor naked. After the bath they cover themselves in towels and the next one follows. The public has expressed their disappointment on how many people has turned church into a joke. These pastors have forgotten the church meaning. They continue to mislead the youth and they should be arrested for their evil acts. One concerned social media user said "this is another form of sexual abuse and action should be taken against this fake pastor, a church is a safe place not a place to get naked. The body is the temple of God and should be respected". According to the pastor bathing them will also cleanse them and make them poor and holy.

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