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Happy Sabbath Day to You and Everyone

As I was holding my cell phone something said open it and see who claim to have created it. On the back of my cell phone, it is written: made in china; so it is clear to me that China claims to be the creator or manufacturer of this cell phone. Is it a lie? Why would China claim to be the brain behind this creation, if they are not the ones who created it?


I am looking through the window and I see this stretched land with its beauties, and the question which comes to my mind is, why no man or woman has come forth to claim this planet earth to be his or her brain? Why are we not providing the person who created heaven and earth?


We have provided the name of the person who created television, and we have also given names of those wonderful people who created various things, so if the earth is this old how come we do not see anyone coming forth and claiming its creation?


You may reject this article and claim it lacks reputable sources it is okay, you are permitted to do so. King Nebuchadnezzar claim to have the children of God in his small hand, and he ended up in the wilderness eating with animals. King Pharaoh claimed to be the god of the Egyptians and he also ended up in the red sea, and what about Saul who was persecuting the people of God?


He met with a bright light and suddenly he became aware it was the Lord, and Jesus Christ asked him this simple question; Saul, why are you persecuting me? This is bigger than you and me. You may have that small hand to do whatever you want but I need you to know, whatever you are doing bear in mind you were given this short time to give honor and praise to the Almighty God.


He is the only being who has come forth and claimed to be the one who has created the heaven, and the earth, and everything in them, and he also declared he rested from all his work on the Seventh Day. If God is lying, can you provide the one who you believe created as you did with many other things?


This is the Seventh-day on which the Lord took his rest from all his works, and he blessed and sanctified it, and instructed us to keep it holy because it is the Sabbath of the Lord. You may use your small hand as you wish, but the day will come when you have to give answers to that being you chose to rebel against, but Happy Sabbath Day to you and everyone, and may the good Lord bless you and your family.


I need to take this opportunity to thank you for taking your precious time to go through this article. You could have done something else but in this instance, you chose to read this article so I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and may the good Lord bless you.


(Images attached are for illustration purposes and I downloaded them from Google). Feel free to leave your comment.


Content created and supplied by: Tumelo Baokudi (via Opera News )



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