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Rea Tsotella: Viewers want Xrepo to intervene after Bishop Makamu fails

Rea Tsotella is a show on Moja Love that is intended to base on local area issues. A family keeps in touch with the show to get help from the show yet this week they got no such help. It was the deep rooted question of marriage in local area of property.

I never thought abhorrent stepmother stories were genuine.

A family kept in touch with the show in light of the fact that an elderly person's child had been offered without them knowing. After his sudden passing, his new spouse took everything including his home and vehicles. The departed has a child and regardless of whether his dad was hitched, he is as yet qualified for half.

The issue turned into the disgusting group of the step mother. They were swearing at the grandma calling her a wide range of sickening names until she cried. Indeed, even after all that they got no assistance with their underlying concern. Makamu bombed them and watchers were irate. They requested Mr. X be gotten to fix things.

Individuals took to Twitter to air their interests and fierceness about this issue.

One furious expressed, "My blood is bubbling watching that malicious soul in pink outfit push and yell at gogo!!!Bishop better handle this for gogo or we are sending in X and his Team to humble this group of terrible hearted individuals!! SEND IN X PLEASE @MojaLoveTv #XRepo"

While another client expressed, "Assuming Bishop neglects to help Gogo today, let X and his #xrepo group take up this and delivery gogo from her wretchedness please @MojaLoveTv #reatsotellawednesday"

A last client stated, "Much of the time. The spouse gets her half and the late's kids additionally gets half of their dad yet Makamu is dumbfounded #reatsotellawednesday"

It appears to be that occasionally the sheer earnestness of the cases introduced to him can overpower the Bishop. This was the case this week. He bombed the family and caused it to seem like their case was futile yet it wasn't. Maybe Xrepo is the right show for this.

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Source: Rea Tsotella on Moja love DSTV channel 157

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