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Prayer: Holy Spirit, Fill My Heart To Always Flow With Thanksgiving

Instead of scumminess, foolishness, or jesting, which are all unnecessary, we should give thanks. Ephesians 5: 4.

You have to be willing to be unusual if you want to be a divine favorite. Keeping folks at a distance when they're occupied with topics of little spiritual significance is your best strategy. People in this position should avoid asking silly or ignorant inquiries, as stated in 2 Timothy 2:13, while Ephesians 5:4 says, "Neither dirt nor stupid talking, not jesting," are convenient.

God expects you to thank Him instead of saying anything that does not exalt Him or mock others. As a result, in God's eyes, all of the man hours spent on filthy or immoral communication and gossips, as well as exaggerations and jesting, are time that should have been dedicated to God and not wasted.

Essentially, you've just deprived God of an hour's worth of thanksgiving by spending an hour talking about something that does neither those things nor praise God.

People will owe God so much in gratitude by the time God employs this text to evaluate our life. You won't get them to stop by whining about the country or its awful leaders. Instead, use this time to praise God and pray for them, and you'll come away with a worthwhile reward in the end.

God's favorites don't spend time on trivialities, but rather, they take advantage of spare moments to reflect on their relationship with God. There's a lot of discussion of heavenly things going on in their company. They're not just unique, they're bizarre as well. People should be able to see something unique about you. This guy loves Jesus more than you do, and that's what makes him a crazy Christian.

You'll recall Psalm 24: 3–5 if anyone else decides to get their hands dirty in that business arrangement, and thus you'll choose not to join them. God has a special place in his heart for you. Don't copy other people's behavior; it's not an option.

Dead animals are not eaten by eagles. That's what vultures do, and they may even prefer the rotten ones over the fresh ones. A vulture or an eagle, that's the question. When you consider that your heavenly Father is perfect, how can you be so blind to your own sin? When you fly like an eagle, God will support you. Keep your hands off of any unscrupulous business dealings. Irrespective of your position, are you owing God a debt of gratitude?

Gratitude is a virtue that requires a strong sense of morality, trust, and love. It's a plus in God's eyes.

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