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How your ancestors lead us

When you are called to be a Leader, your Ancestors will make sure you lead in every way and those who were leaders in the past will want to lead through you.

There are leaders from your Ancestry who will want to use you, African leaders, Gods and Goddesses world wide.

This would be the Universe making sure you are the leader that you are meant to be and connect you with past leaders that they used in the past to train you to be the expected leader. People will question you but you knowing it's the Universe working through you!

These Ancestors will close your ways to get your attention and acknowledge them. When they show up you need to know that there are things they want from you and you need to pay attention to them and to do action at any cost possible.

Your success is set upon the assignments and the more they are the blessings they bring to you. The trick will be, till you action all their assignments that is when they will start to release your materialistic blessings. The Spiritual blessings they release at any moment, but hold onto materialistic ones till you action all their expectations

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