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Importance of wearing this ancestral clothes when spiritual gifted

You know having this spiritual gift is an lifetime have to go through so much to accept your spiritual journey.

This two cloths are normally known as the cloths which represents the foreign spirit in the African spiritual practice .which is true however they also work in the water spirits side depending on how you use them.

Before we go far let me explain this,

The differences of foreign spirit

Foreign spirit- Is normally known as the spirit that is able to change, originated from the foreign tribe you don't initiate for it but you convert the foreign spirit.

- This ancestral spirit is beyond that instead it's also the same spirit that Assigns your purpose in life when you are born to say why you are actually here ?🤷

That's why if you not leaving according to your purpose. foreign spirits has power over your ancestors to destroy your life up until you surrender to the calling then your ancestors take over. 

- by the way a relative which is forefather or great grand mother can be your foreign when you initiates.

Foreign spirit which you not related to at all however the spirit is Assigned from the Spiritual realm to come back and rectify some mistakes, make a new life 

- That's why you find people who have Indian, white , Chinese spirits this are all foreign ancestors 

- however I've seen healers wasting people's money calling this spirits "bad spirits" and cleansing them in the river, the spirit is not going anywhere my dear. instead the more you try to banish it it becomes furious and your life will be a mess because it chose you.

Ancestral clothing

- the Maroon one will go for your ancestral clothes specifically the land foreign spirit it can be a grandmother/father.

- The Red one will define someone who is a family relatives from ancient years and he/she returns as your foreign ancestor. 

- The blue one stands for the Water spirit. The prophetic gang.prophets have this type of water spirit you don't Convert it by the way. 

- ancestral cloth works also when you communicate with your ancestors for your grandmother who gave birth to your mother . 

Scotch and maroon cloth

- This ones blends in two between foreign and water spirits.

- Its actually the long lost cousin of the Maasai red Scotch cloth. 

- you use your ancestral cloth when you communicate with your ancestors for the male ancestors of the family from your father's side.. 

- also when you connecting ancestors of Paternal and maternal side.

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