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Lets unblock our blessings, lucks and break curse quickly with this remedy

2 Eggs

Let's unblock our blessings, lucky and break the curse that was formed to us by our enemies when we were childs and kids so with below two eggs we are going to ask Jesus Christ and God,

our ancestors with all our hearts. We break the curse of poverty, we are going to ask jobs using this 2 eggs.

We are going to ask marriage.

We are going to ask protection from our enemies.

We are going to asks babies to those who don't have kids.

We are going to ask for our business to grow.

We are going to pray for lucky and money

Instruction to use.

Kneel down at 00:00 and 03:00am prayer hold your eggs with your two hands close your eyes start by Lord Prayer Our Father,

who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy Kingdom come till to the end then continue praying and start saying things you want in life ask your ancestors and Jesus Christ mention all your problems from A to Z.

After 3 days prayer go and smash them at the four ways stop and never look back.

After 3 days you will see the positive results. If you were praying for job you will get job.

If you were praying for ex lover to come he will come back.

If you were praying to break curse it will happen with immediately effect.

I need testimony in the group after 3 days. 

When I tell you to perform the spell after 3 days you must see the results dark or blue because I don't

I wish you all the best I'm encouraging everyone to perform this, this spell is very powerful and strong believe you will see the results 100% sure.

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