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Truth is not all of us believe in ancestors

I know most if not all of us in here believe in ancestors.  But some come from families who want nothing to do with ancestors and they believe solely in Christianity. It's draining because you won't have support. 

And there is also secrets churches where gifted people from all walks of life meet to give praise.we all have different interpretations of what is written in the Bible. 

To the self righteous Christians who demonise our practice, I refer them to the book of Exodus right after Moses freed the Israelites. As they were passing through but they started complaining of the water being bitter.

God then said to him to put what the Bible refer to as traditional herbs in the water to make it drinkable. Hence forth acknowledging use of herbs . 

Also, Matthews chapter one gives reference to the ancestral liniage of Jesus Christ, acknowledging them. Same way as you should acknowledg yours. 


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