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Your body was not created by God, Your body was created by your Parents.

Your body wasn't created by God,Your body was created by your Parents.The reasons why you look the way you look is because of your Parents DNA.For your body to exist is because your father's sperm fussed with your mother's egg & you were the result.God didn't create your body.He didn't create short & tall people,light & dark skinned people.It's all your Parents DNA.You know what God created? He created your Soul.He created your Soul way before your parents met.Your soul was already there.You knew who your Parents gonna be.Who your friends gonna be.All the challenges you gonna face.You made a choice before you came in this World.It's just you don't remember anything.That's why I always say the day you die is the day you finally wake up.Life will always come to an end but death will never ever come to an end.If you're alive your life will come to an end but the day you die your death will never come to an end.

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