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Prayer: I Refuse To Fall For The Devil's Trick, Please Lord Help Me To Maintain My Purity

"Let there be no fornicator or profane person like Esau, who sacrificed his birthright for a bit of meat." Hebrews 12:16

Read: Daniel 1:6-8 

The term 'delicacy' is widely used to describe a food item that is highly sought after and is usually scarce and costly. Delicacies frequently feature distinctive qualities, flavors, and tastes, garnering the attention of society's upper crust.

 Meanwhile, the devil employs a delicacy as a formidable weapon against his human victims, and it has proven to be effective over time. He was able to use it against Adam and Eve, Esau, and others. Godly individuals like Daniel, on the other hand, understand that delicacies have the potential to contaminate a child of God, especially when presented as bait by the adversary. I pray that you never succumb to the devil's seductive offers made in Jesus' name.

"The Lord's regulations are right, bringing joy to the heart; the Lord's commandment is pure, illuminating the sight." Psalms 19:8

The lamp burns brightly when the oil is pure. When a candle burns and comes into contact with something impure, the light dims or fades out. Keep off all forms of pollution if you don't want the Spirit of God to fade or extinguish in you. Evil ideas will obstruct God's free movement in your life. Disobedience, self-will, and insubordination to authority are all capable of extinguishing the Spirit's fire inside you.

Because Christians are Christ's wives, God expects us to keep our purity. "Blessed are the undefiled in the road, who walk in the law of the LORD," says Psalms 119:1.

The undefiled, like Jesus, fights temptation and is sinless ( Hebrews 4 : 15 ). You must guard against the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life if you wish to remain undefiled ( John 2 : 15 - 17 ). 

To remain undefiled, you must walk in God's footsteps and obey His commands. The laws guiding your life must be based on God's Word and instructions. Is it true that you are unblemished? What is your level of purity? Regardless of how pure or undefiled you are, there is always room to grow in your relationship with God. Are you willing to scream for more of God in your life?

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