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Watch: One of the Shembe members did this that got people talking

The Shembe congregants brought Durban to a standstill on Tuesday, as more then 6 000 members were matching to show support for Mduduzi 'Unyazi Lwezulu' Shembe. Mduduzi was the leader of the Ebuhleni faction, which these congregants belong to. The Shembe congregants were matching to the Durban city hall.

However in their march there was an incident that occurred, as a woman who does not seem to be part of the Shembe congregation was spotted amongst the Shembe congregants dancing.

One of the Shembe congregants however chased the woman away while she was still dancing.

This got people talking, as some were shocked at the fact that how can a church member chase a person away like that. Some people however were in support of what the Shembe member did, as they felt the woman dressed inappropriate for the occasion.

And they felt as if it was the right thing to do at that point. A lot is yet to be said about the incident, whether the Shembe member did the right thing or was in unnecessary for him to chase the woman like that while she was still dancing.


Every church has it own traditions and customs and maybe the Shembe congregants felt offended when the woman was dancing dressed in that way. However it is not a great scene to watch a person being chased out in a church because of the way they are dressed, especially if she was not making anything inappropriate. In this video it seemed as if the woman was just dancing to the beat. However they may have their own reason for chasing the woman away.

To watch the video click on the link below.

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