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"What Bushiri did to our uncles and aunties can never be undone" - Man shares a video.

Years ago, Bushiri was a well-known preacher and prophet. Christians who followed Jesus widely believed that he was the promised Messiah. He was widely believed to have the ability to see into the future and perform miracles. This may explain why he's so well-liked. However, many others believe he tricked them.

Twitter user @AdvoBarryRoux shared a video of Bushiri. Bushiri addresses the woman as "Papa" and her affirmation of his prophecies can be seen in the video. Although Bushiri made a passing comment about sensing a spiritual shift in the woman's life, he provided no further explanation. According to @AdvoBarryRoux, the damage Bushiri has done on our family members is permanent as evidenced by this video.

Bushiri has been living abroad since his imprisonment for alleged money laundering. Videos of him allegedly misleading people have since been put online, including one that Barry shared on Twitter. Some of the feedback from the video's viewers includes: "Dad, please kill me. Since her father went there shortly after her birth, I feel slighted that I haven't heard anything about her since she was 10 years and 4 months old ".

"He only says that there was a spiritual awakening, with no further explanation. How can you find salvation from these predictions? ".

"The business drive that Bushiri displays is admirable. In the first month of Lockdown, he pulled off his final robbery by setting up an online church that charged R80 a month to attend, to which over 25,000 individuals paid. Can anyone explain what became of his followers? ".

In the opinion of some, Bushiri is nothing more than a con artist out to separate you from your cash. And yet, what can we expect in a world where the miraculous is eagerly after? These miracles may include gaining employment and achieving material success.

It's been said that if you really believe in something, you will succeed. Maybe those who followed Bushiri believed in him and were waiting for the wonders he promised. To put one's faith in another person's apparently superior connection to God is not, however, preferable to putting one's faith in God alone.

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