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Let your ancestors choose healers for you

Please dont make the same mistakes I and or We made in our lives.

Dont weigh and or choose healers based on their assets, money cars. There is a problem/trend that people tend to weigh power and or healing of a healer using tangible (touch) cars, houses, clothes, businesses, all in all money).

They think if they go to such healers they will be rich /healed or things will turn out differently forgetting that only God. and both the healers ancestors and the patient ancestors can bless herbs. 

If your ancestors are patient dont want to bless you. nobody can force them, especially if you took time to give them an ear or you forgot about them.

you were acknowledging pastors and praising them for your achievements while they are the ones who have given you those tangible things.

Because most of people think that material things are the only blessings, forgetting that not being sick or bedridden is a 100% true HEALING (blessing) 😭.

Having R5.00 to buy a candle, food? roof over your head and its just breathing is a blessing.

Dont choose healers because of looks location,assets or 1000 likes. Dont make a mistake I and or WE once made.

Please let your ancestors choose healers for you through Praying and communicating with your ancestors.

Report every move, decision, plan, etc to them first (OUR GOD AND YOUR ANCESTORS) and give them feedback in everything you it consulting or going for rituals before and after always report back.

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