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Prayer For God To Restore All Your Wasted Years and Opportunities

We have all made mistakes that sometimes lead to regrets that haunt us for a long time, but God said nothing is too difficult for Him. In Joel 2:25, he promised to restore all the wasted years of our lives. so we can glorify it. Let us call on God today to honour his word in our lives. Prayer: Father, I come to you in the precious name of your Son Jesus Christ.If you want to mark our sins, who can stand before you? I stand before you and ask for your mercy and compassion. Every mistake I've made every opportunity you have given me that I have wasted and every sin that I have committed that has made me feel like I have failed; forgive me and let today be the last day that they will affect my life in the name of Jesus.  

Father, you said you would restore all the lost years in my life: Today, for the sake of your name, I ask you to honour your word in my life, to give me back every missed opportunity in my life and to give me grace. , Wisdom and courage to step forward and use it a hundred times in the name of Jesus. Father, restore the lost years in every area of ​​my life: my ministry, spiritual life, finances, marriage, health, reputation, etc. in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Father where I was dishonoured and ridiculed in the past; From now on let me be celebrated in the name of Jesus 

Father, no matter in what area it has been humiliated in the past; From now on let me be promoted in the mighty name of Jesus.  

Father, whoever is responsible for the wasted years in my life and still plans to destroy my present and future, let your fire of vengeance destroy them completely in the mighty name of Jesus. Father, and from now on fill me with divine wisdom and knowledge so that I will never again waste a single day of my life in the mighty name of Jesus.

Thank you Eternal Father for your restoring power.Thank you for hearing my prayers in the mighty name of Jesus. From today onwards, kindness and mercy will follow me in my finances, health, marriage, spiritual life every day of my life in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen and amen. Stay blessed in the name of Jesus.

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