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Uzalo: Mbatha is back but what tricks does he have up his sleeves this time around?

It’s as though a carnival has come into town when Mbatha (Thabo Mnguni) rolls back into KwaMashu after his supposed fellowship with the famous Bishop TD Jakes in the US.

He doesn’t skimp on anything: over-thetop colourful outfits, brass bands and his massive ego marching the streets to let everyone know that he’s back.

Mbatha has idolised US TV preacher Bishop TD Jakes and wanted to be like him. So when he lost his pastorship at KwaMashu Kingdom Church (KKC), he got his lackey Vusi (Mzandile Gumede) to get him a fellowship with the bishop.

Off Mbatha went to the US, leaving his friend Vusi in KwaMashu. And while Mbatha returns like a warrior victorious from war, he’s lying through his teeth.

Turns out Mbatha was deported back to South Africa before he could even meet Bishop Jakes. “He got arrested by the FBI for having fake documents. The only legit document that he could produce to the FBI was the letter offering him the fellowship,” explains the actor.

Instead of coming back home with his tail between his legs, he fabricates evidence of his one-on-one time with the great preacher TD Jakes.

“Mbatha lies about what happened. He photoshops pictures of himself in the US and with TD Jakes and he convinces people that he now has connections to famous and influential people. So they can go through him if they want access to these people. He even speaks with a US accent,” says the actor laughing.

Source: TVSA

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