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An Inner Conviction An Inner Working

The fresh manna, this daily bread that tastes only as good as the freshness thereof warrants daily time with God. It is through this that we have an understanding of His finished work for us and for others here on earth (already done in heaven). Prayer should help us see a way that allows us insight of His Ways. In doing so, we are helped to act accordingly. This helps us have His Ways established here on earth. Accordingly many are saved. Being saved allows access to Him through the indwelling Holy Spirit. The believer walks in His Ways because he can now hear His voice. This is walking by the Spirit. Again prayer reveals God’s Ways to us. This aids us in doing in accordance to His Perfect Will. We now have with us that which is needed to carry out His Purpose here on earth. And when there is a failing in us, there arises a conviction that says we must turn. This is for most part now an inner voice for His Spirit now dwells within. To understand the Ways of God without the inner revelation will always at some time bring doubt leading to confusion.

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