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Here is the formula to get all your desire

Most people complain that their requests go unanswered. Se they blame God for not answering their prayers, so me they even take wrong decisions end up killing innocent people. Here's a secret formula

1. Write down all you desires and pick only one

2. Use 1 small cup with pure sugarcane juice (umoba)

3. Make intention on it at 6am & 6pm for 16 days and pour the juice outside.

The first thing you need to do is to Peel and chop sugarcane blend it and strain it.

Making intention doesn't have any rules aside from abstaining from sexual intimacy in the first 4 days.

If you married you need to tell your husband about this so that he understand.

You speak through it and don't add any pepper, writing desired down help to in weighing their importance.

Make sure that You speak on this water and name your intention, ensure your mind is fully focused on your desire. It takes about a minute.

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