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Prayer: Lord, Please Help Me To Abstain From Making Quick Money, Let My Riches Come From Above

My people are blind to the fact that the end is near. People are more concerned with making quick money rather than weighing the value of money against the value of their souls to determine which is more valuable.

And regardless of what they discover, souls are worth more than money.

Satan has gone so far in his effort to capture the souls of many Christians, The Lord said, since Christians today love money so much.

Satan has offered many people money in an easy method through internet money markets in his effort to buy the souls of many Christians, even the elect.

He introduced many of them, including "MMM (Money Making Machine)," and many Christians have joined them without ever asking about MMM's hidden secret.

People have given their souls to Satan through that network market known as MMM (Money Making Machine), as the Lord, has called some pastors.

It hurts them because Lucifer uses the interests that individuals receive after a few days of joining the network to exchange their souls for eternity.

MMM has been used by Lucifer to buy people's souls.

People who haven't joined MMM yet, the Lord is saying to you tonight that MMM is a tool Lucifer used to lure more people to hellfire.

He recognized that there was a recession somewhere, which made things difficult and money scarce, so he launched it as a way of relieving people's financial difficulties while also sending their souls to hell.

Furthermore, if only they would listen because they are stubborn - that the Lord, do not support the entire networking money business.

People are busy evangelizing the MMM and others, bringing more people to them, but I am in pain because the number of people in the book of Life is so small.

However, there are not enough people in my own kingdom. I am dissatisfied in every way. When my rage boils over, I'll strike out at those I've entrusted with preaching my faith.

If you have any questions or doubts concerning the above message, you are free to pray to God for confirmation as long as you have the Holy Spirit in you.

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