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Sh0ck: do we still have people this old the mans age sh0cked people see for yourself

Life is a blessing, and some people would do anything just to see themselves living a long life, there are some things money can't buy like life. That's why when some people live up to the age of more than 100 they are considered blessed and not lucky, living a long life to the point that you see your children, grandchildren, and their children grow up that's a blessing.

A lot of people died today and some people wish God can keep them until their children are old enough to take care of themselves because can parent wants to leave their children alone as they fear that they won't be taken care of.

But some people say I would rather die than get to the age where they are old and can't even take care of themselves. A picture of an old man who is 122 was shared on social media and this happen after he was celebrating his 122 year's birthday.

People were shocked by this, people started complimenting him wishing that God can also do the same thing as this is rare.

This old man broke the record of being the oldest man in the world because it's alleged that the research shows that the oldest man is 118 and his in Japan while we have an old man who is 122 in South African. which means this man is missing out on a lot of things in general as he is not recognized as the oldest man in the world.

Who knows they would have thrown him the best birthday ever, but no one knows that they have a legend surrounding them in the house.

Even people on social media agree that this old man is a blessing they should do something for people like him, to thank him for living up to this age, some people might say he didn't do it by himself, but God did it for him yes its true God did it for him, but what did he do to deserve such favor from God, we can learn 1 or 2 things from people like him.

God bless you old man and May God give you the desires of your heart before leaving this world.

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