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AmaBishop: Viewers react to ancestors being called "demons" during African spirituality debate

AmaBishop is a Moja Love show that challenged the way people look at religion and belief, specifically in the Christian context. The gracious host is Nimrod Nkosi and he hosts many learned guest to help us understand complex issues.

This week the "African spirituality versus Christianity" debate continues.

Nimrod introduced the topic and as per usual wr had those for incorporating African spirituality into the church and those against. I was watching with bated breath hoping to find an answe at last but there was not consensus on the issue.

From what I observed the belief of the two ladies of the panel was that being a sangoma/traditional healer/ someone who acknowledges ancestors means that you are against the bible. It was also clear they had an issue with the concept of ancestors. I was confused why anyone would call their own blood line a "demon" it made no sense.

Social Media Response

People online weren't impressed by this either. They weren't happy with the implications.

One user wrote, "Ancestors are not demons, nowhere in the Bible does it say that. We don't worship the ancestors, we honor them. We worship God. Simple! #AmaBishop"

While another user wrote, "There are still people that call ancestors “demons” ? #AmaBishop"

A final agitated user wrote, " “Ancestors are demons” okay cool, WHY are you still using their surname? Why do “traditional weddings” if they are demons? Isn’t this what was practiced by your ancestors who you now call demons? Yho! Ninzulu shame. #Amabishop"

Personal Thoughts

This debate always has tempers flaring and rightfully so. To me, the biggest robbery tha occured in Africa wasn't just the looting of natural resources and land. It was taking our identity and all that encompassed us and replacing it with only Christianity. It makes zero sense to think that ancestry is evil. If we value our loved ones they don't become demons once they're gone.

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Source: AmaBishop on Moja Love DSTV channel 157

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