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Things that Christians can learn from other religions.

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world and because of that it is the most scrutinized, ridiculed and judged religion of this world. For these reasons only Christians should be motivated to be motivated and atleast try and live their lives with more discipline so that they may be found blameless when the world starts judging.

Despite that Christians are still too relaxed and because we abuse God's grace we find ourselves flirting with sin more often than we should because we know we will be forgiven. Scandals that church leaders find themselves in are the reason why Christianity is undermined and people no longer repent. It seems we have forgotten that we are the ambassadors of heaven here on earth.

For us to be better at this ambassador job, I strongly suggest and believe that we learn a thing or two from other religions. They might be standing for what we don't believe in but a thing a two can be learned.

Discipline and Respecting prayer time.

With Muslim imor traditionalist shop or business owners, prayer time is prayer time they do not compromise. They close their shops totally and even let the employees and customers know that they will be closed for prayer time. If you want to take your business somewhere it's fine. With Christians the compromise is too much we even take shift on Sunday or make alternatives to have the business open on Sunday that's it. We don't treat Sunday or any prayer day as sacred as it should be.

With traditionalists when they are instructed to wash in a river 3 times a week at 6 pm, believe me you there won't be a mistake there. Everyday at 6 pm you will see the person there bathing at all costs. Christians can't even pray three times a day they have made themselves busy so much that even prayer time is disrespected.


You walk into a room, you will have to ask are there any Christians here. We conform so much to the standards of this world to an extent we are inseparable from the nonbelievers. When there is a Hindu, Muslim, or Jew in the house you won't have to ask. From the way they handle them to their dress code ,you will be able to identify them.

Apart from the two above, I know there is a lot we can learn so remember to carry your toothpick with you as you will be reminded to pick out the good qualities in others.

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