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Tavern Was Attacked By Group Of People Who Come From Initiation School.

A tavern in Moletjie,outside Seshego was attacked by what it is believed to be a group of individuals alleged to be

from an initiation school on Sunday night.

It is claimed the suspects were topless and

were equippee with dangerous weapons at

the time they stole valuable properties.

Moreover, last week, the Moletjie traditional

authority implemented a curfew from 23

June until 23 July 2022 due to ongoing

initiation season. The curfew restricts

churches,taverns and other organisations to

operate beyond 10pm.

Consequently, loud music,social gathering or

night virgil,so does all night prayer services

are prohibited until further notice.

Initiation is a rite of passage marking entrance or acceptance into a group or society. It could also be a formal admission to adulthood in a community or one of its formal components.

In an extended sense it can also signify a transformation in which the initiate is 'reborn' into a new role. Examples of initiation ceremonies might include Christian baptism or confirmation, Jewish bar or bat mitzvah, acceptance into a fraternal organization, secret society or religious order, or graduation from school or recruit training.

A person taking the initiation ceremony in traditional rites, such as those depicted in these pictures, is called an initiate.

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Moletjie Seshego


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