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God first and every thing shall follow.

What to believe in, I bet most of us ask ourselves that question almost every day. To be truthful with you, almost every thing that we hear it's a preaching on its own. The question is do you believe it. What voice in your mind and heart can you say that it is from God. Would you say that you know his voice. Do you understand Him as he speaks with you. To what limit are you willing to follow Him?, your whole life or till you get what ever that you want from him. In most cases that is always the case. I once read a script in the Bible that says that we should first seek the kingdom of God and the rest shall follow. It clearly said that we should seek God and God will take care of everything else. What I found in churches is that, there are people who really believe and follow those words. When i saw this picture above, it brought a lot of questions. One of those questions is that, do such conversations between man and God still take place?. Do we hear when he speaks because the picture clearly states that he spoke with men and they listened to him. Then Found this scripture above in the Bible that speaks of a man called Elijah. He is one of the prophets that where called and used by God due to his obedience to God. When God spoke to him, he was able to hear him and do as he said. He was told that he would be fed by ravens, which brought him food to eat. What amazed me was that the man never questioned God or doubt his word for a moment. Matthew 6:30-34, tells us that we should not be worried about what we will eat or drink for God already knows. Meaning we should not worry about the material things of this world but his kingdom.

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