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“The Worst Is Coming to SA, You should Do This so that you Can Prevent it”- Famous Tweeter Prophet

The Holy Spirit was promised to us that when Jesus rose from the grave, he would accompany him and assist us in our daily lives, as well as warn us of things our natural eyes cannot see. The expression "Holy Spirit who will guide us" is commonly used interchangeably with the bible, prophets, pastors, and anybody else endowed with supernatural abilities to see into the future and perceive things that ordinary people cannot. While everyone of us is born with unique characteristics and abilities, some of us are blessed with the ability to see things that others cannot. They are known as prophets.

Prophet Rhadebelihle, one of the most popular prophets on Twitter, gave troubling information. He stated that South Africa is nearing a worse phase. He has cautioned Americans to anticipate the worst-case situation. However, Jesus gave spiritual guidance or a remedy to his disciples in order for them to prevent future difficulties.

As a country, the prophet tells us to begin by ceasing to appease the government and white people. Certain individuals act as puppets for the white monopoly, attempting to integrate themselves into white people's life. Additionally, he urges individuals from doing so. Additionally, you should maintain good eating habits in light of the fact that new diseases are on the horizon. Stopping shooting is one of the most crucial things the prophet has pleaded with people to do. However, the prophet's use of the term "shots" was vague, and the phrase was interpreted as alluding to a vaccine.

Numerous people appeared to trust this prophet, as he had previously prophesied numerous events that transpired, including the death of a major producer, Shona Ferguson, and piano music singer Killer Kau.

(Photos of those he said would die...may their souls rest in peace)

Recent years have seen a slew of bad happenings. We must definitely be prepared for life on our own, since "Rest in peace" has taken the place of "Good morning" and "Good night" as the new good morning and good night texts.


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