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Reasons Why Shemens Use Elephant Body Parts To Perform Magic.

Shemens, Traditional Doctors or Sangomas as we call them in Zulu language have been using Animal body part to perform magic for centuries.

Many kind of animals were hunted for their body parts. Animals like Lions, Elephants, Leopard, Antelopes, Impalas, Hyenas and many others.

Shemens would take bones, teeth, skin, fats and gull of those animal and used them to perform magical healings to their clients.

We have learnt a lot from the book written by Johann Msibi called "Ucwaningo Nobumqoka kokubaluleka kwezilwane kwisizwe sakwaZulu".

Reading this book, we have learned by the Shemens have used these animal body parts. We will for now look at the Elephant body part uses for Shemens.

Below is the list of Elephant Body Part that are used by Shemens to perform magical healings, and their specific uses.

1. Elephant Teeth

Shemens were always keen to go for the visible front teeth of the Elephant because they found magical powers that could be manifested in them.

Knowing that an Elephant is a very large animal among all others in the wild. It is the steadiest animal of all and can walk through any kind of hardship.

Shemens believed that taking Elephant front teeth and mixing them with other medicine would help those patients struggling with hardships in their lives.

Elephant Teeth will magically help you to give you strength to face any hardship you're going through. The doors that are closed to you will be easily opened.

2. Elephants Skin

Mr J Msibi in his book, has it that Elephant skin was used by many people in the past to help them grow their cattle and wealth.

A Shemen would grind a dry Elephant skin into powder and mix it with other herb, a patient will be told to plant the mixture around the Kraal or around the house.

This will magically attract wealth and increase the number of domestic animals, whether it be cattle, sheep or goat to make a patient rich in stock.

3. Elephant Bones

Elephant bones are delicate to the Shemens because of their magical healing. They are used for blocking any kind of witchcraft.

Even if there is a lightning strike, a patient will never be hit by a lightning if they used Elephant bones.

Enemies, will also not be able to attack you in any kind when an Elephant bone is given to you.

4. Elephant Fats

Elephant fats are believed to contain magical powers as well. Mr J Msibi written that Elephant fats were used to attract money and good fortune.

Even to this day, those who are looking for prosperity in their lives, they are given Elephant fats by the Traditional Practitioners to help them attain the wealth.

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